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14th ATAIC Conference
Saturday, August 8, 2020

Special Event

9 - 13 December 2017, Tehran

Recent Events
A final step on the Agreement for the Avoidance of Double Taxation between Iran and India
A final step on the Agreement for the Avoidance of Double Taxation between Iran and India, was stressed upon during the meeting between INTA President and Indian Ambassador to Tehran.
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Measures that have recently been taken by the Iranian National Tax Administration (INTA) against the outbreak of Corona Virus (Covid-19) can be divided into two parts as follows: A) Intra-Organizational Measures (On the side of Employees) 1) Maintaining the social distancing strategy and moving towards the next...
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Czech Prime Minister Proposes Bank Tax
The ruling Czech Social Democratic Party, led by Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, will introduce a special tax on the countrys banks if it wins elections scheduled for later this year.
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South Korea Achieved Record Tax Revenues In 2016
South Korea posted a small fiscal surplus in 2016 for a second year running, largely due to an unexpected increased in corporate tax and value-added tax revenues.
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Articles Presented in 14th ATAIC Conference

Articles presented at the 14th ATAIC Technical conference are as follows:

- 01 TA before and after modernization - Lebanon (Arabic).ppt
- 02 Tax Structure of Iran with a View to the VAT - Iran.pptx
- 03 Moving Towards a Desirable Tax System - Malaysia.pptx
- 04 The Necessity of Reorienting Personal Income Tax in Iran.pptx
- 05 Developments in Tax System - Maldives.pptx
- 06 Whats in a Modern Tax System for Taxpayers - Iran.pptx
- 07 Developments in Tax System - Sudan.pptx
- 08 Taxation of Digital Economy - Malaysia.pdf
- 09 Taxation of Digital Economy and Services - Pakistan.pptx
- 10 Turkish Tax System - Turkey.pptx
- 11 Modern Tax Administratin - Richfit Information Technology Co. Ltd..pdf
- 12 Recent Developmens in Tax Transparency - Global Forum.pdf
- 13 Taxation of Digital Businesses in Iran.pptx
- 14 Avoiding Tax Discriminatin A Step Towards A Desirable Tax System - Iran.pptx
- Final Report - Finalized.pdf
- التقرير الختامي للمؤتمر الفني الرابع عشر لاتحاد سلطات الضرائب في الدول الاسلامية.pdf
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ATAIC 14th Annual Technical Conference
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