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14th ATAIC Conference
Saturday, January 19, 2019

Special Event

9 - 13 December 2017, Tehran

Recent Events
Czech Prime Minister Proposes Bank Tax
The ruling Czech Social Democratic Party, led by Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, will introduce a special tax on the countrys banks if it wins elections scheduled for later this year.
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South Korea Achieved Record Tax Revenues In 2016
South Korea posted a small fiscal surplus in 2016 for a second year running, largely due to an unexpected increased in corporate tax and value-added tax revenues.
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Switzerland Rejects Corporate Tax Reform
Proposed changes to Switzerlands corporate tax framework have been rejected in a referendum.
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UAE Confirms Details For VAT From January 2018
The UAE has provided more details on plans to introduce VAT at a rate of 5 percent across the other Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) member states on January 1, 2018.
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Risk Management

Three IMF-INTA Joined Workshops Held in Tehran

The second three-day course was concentrated on Risk Management.  Using the risk management process model, Mr. Vesperman detailed the issue from A-Z, mentioning a wide range of issues from the risk identification in the framework of measuring the compliance outcomes in the areas of taxpayers registration, tax returns filing, reporting and payment of taxes to risks evaluation and prioritizing, analysis of compliance behavior and determination of strategies against each group of risks, as well as implementing these strategies and plans.  Market segmentation, taxpayers size criterion, the categories of small,medium and large taxpayers and the properties of each of them, further segmentation criteria based on the industry, region and the lifetime of the taxpayer, were also studied.  In introducing the fundamentals of the risk management, the evaluation of risks,which were already identified and prioritized, measuring the consequences for the purposes of revenue and credit ability risks for the tax regime or its impacts on the community confidence in the tax administration, as well as the efforts to bring about a reasonable balance for the risk management in all the market sectors with the active management of all the severe risks were thoroughly assessed.   The risk matrix for guaranteeing the integrated approach towards the risk evaluation and using the proper compliance strategies for different risk levels were explained. The workshop participants used this matrix to put into practice what they learned during the course and explained their team work findings in the way of risk management in there area for work for the participants. The training of the IMF representative continued in tandem with scientific and executive discussions of the participants.

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